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Structural Engineers Brisbane

Our Services

Structural Engineers BrisbaneWe are an experienced and skilled team, providing solutions in:

  • Structural Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering

Residential Services

Commercial Services

About Us

Structural Engineers BrisbaneWe are a small team of experienced engineers with backgrounds in:

  • Local councils
  • International engineering, mining and construction firms
  • Local builders and property development groups
  • Infrastructure construction firms
  • Academia

Our specialties and experience include:

  • Residential/domestic structures
  • High-rise buildings
  • Roads, bridges and tunnels
  • Sub-divisions
  • Shopping & community centers

Our design experience includes building with concrete, steel and timber; specifying the most sensible material to their application.

What we do

Structural Engineers BrisbaneWe pride ourselves in providing tailored solutions to everyday engineering problems, taking each client’s situation into consideration in order to supply the best service possible. Our primary goal in every project is producing practical, sensible solutions to problems – not providing a template design like some other firms.

We provide catered solutions for:

  • Private customers
  • Architects, building designers and draftspeople
  • Building certifiers and approvers
  • Government and statutory bodies
  • Strata groups and body corporates
  • Builders
  • Contractor
  • Earth movers
  • Property developers

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